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Psychic Dreamwalking

by Michelle Bellanger

Winter is a time of dreaming; the nights are long and cold; the plants are dormant; many animals are in the midst of a long hibernation. We all dream, but very few of us remember our dreams from night to night, let alone explore the full potential of our dreams for self-understanding and spiritual growth. In this unique book, renowned vampire and occult expert Michelle Belanger explores a rarely discussed and undeveloped branch of magickal practice: dreamwalking. Dreamwalking is the ability to shape one’s own dream environment (a type of lucid dreaming), as well as use dream as a portal to visit distant places (a type of astral projection), to enter the dreams of others, and even contact the spirits of the deceased. Belanger’s conversational writing style makes this not only an informative, but also a very readable and entertaining exploration of the mechanics of dreaming as well as the limits and boundaries of self and other.
Adam, Arch-Minion of Magus

Herb of the Month


What a wonderful herb! Warming and legendary as an aphrodisiac, it is thought to help people let go and stop over thinking things. Damiana will be featured in an upcoming class on aphrodisiacs and Magus Books & Herbs!

Oil of the Month

Tea Tree

This amazing essential oil from Australia has been used as an antiseptic for centuries, although the scientific world is still studying tea tree essential oil. The fresh, camphorous scent blends well with clove, peppermint, pine and many other essential oils. It is often used externally and in cleaning products.

Stone of the Month

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate is a protective and comforting stone, assisting those who are grieving or lonely. It supports love and strength to help one find solutions and not dwell on darkness.

Statue of the Month


Messenger to the Gods in Greek mythology, Hermes is all about Alchemical transformation. A concise communicator, sometimes a trickster, this God of Wisdom, Science, and Medicine has long been revered as a true Master Magician. Closely associated with the Egyptian God, Thoth, he also assisted in guiding souls to the afterlife. Let this God guide you to seek your own inner wisdom!

Talisman of the Month


The legendary Phoenix, the fiery bird who rises from its own ashes, has been a recurring archetype in western myth since at least the time of the Ancient Greeks, possibly going back to Ancient Egypt. The Phoenix appears, yet again, in the infamous tome Goetia, a Renaissance book of conjuration. Here Phoenix (or Phenex, as he is dubbed), is a spirit who can be conjured to teach Poetry and Liberal Arts.

Astrology Photo

This month in Astrology...


Welcome to the circus! Wow, this wave of fast-moving revolutionary change (illustrated by our Cardinal T-Square of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto) is rolling, full steam ahead! February starts with the Sun in the Fixed Air sign, Aquarius, the sign of people power and scientific innovation. Air and Fire (the “diurnal” or more extroverted elements) are in charge for most of the month, with Venus and Mars in battle-ready Aries and Mercury visiting technologically savvy Aquarius. It’s time to get off our butts and ignite the webs of conscious connection that we’ve woven. What is the revolution that you’d like to see transpire in your own life? Change is always uncomfortable, and it’s moving much faster than usual now.

The Sun enters the Mutable Water sign of Pisces on the 18th. Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces), is retrograde in Libra. What wonderful, spiritually-attuned lessons and connections from long ago is it time to rekindle? What old important friendships from your past are still holding negative charges that need to be healed? Send out those lines! Remember those blessings!

The keyword for February is “solidarity.” It’s time to dethrone the selfish tyrants inside, get over our fears of change, and perpetuate a wildly creative neighbor-loving revolution.

Blessings, Saleem

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