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Book of the Month

How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain

by Andrew Newberg, MD. and Mark Robert Waldman

Enlightenment! It has been the greatest goal for many spiritual seekers throughout all the ages. We study and emulate the teachings of those who have reached it - be it the Buddha, Jesus, and countless other mystics. In this book, Andrew Newberg, MD, and co-author Mark Robert Waldman have studied what happens in the brain as we reach towards Enlightenment.

Doing brain scans on people who are considered masters of Meditation, Brazilian mediums, Sufi Mystics, as well as Pentecostals who speak in tongues, Newberg dives into the difference between the Big 'E' Enlightenment experiences that are marked by a profound understanding that changes Everything -- forever altering your life in ways that brings greater clarity and peace to everyday life, and the little 'e' enlightenment experiences…. Those little "aha" moments, where you may be flooded with a sense of Oneness with everything, yet it is less life altering than the Big 'E' experiences of Enlightenment.

In this book subtitled: The New Science of Transformation, Newberg and Waldman say that our brains are hardwired to seek Enlightenment. Not only that, but we can actively prime the pump, so to say, and actually train our brains towards both the Enlightenment and enlightenment. Diving into the different regions of the brain and seeing how they engage in Enlightenment experiences by activating regions like the Thalmus (part of the brain that relates to connectedness with others and detachment from the ego self) and deactivating areas like the Frontal and Parietal lobes (the sifting and sorting, thinking parts of the brain) this book gives insight into the science of what you can personally start doing now to reach for Enlightenment. Change your brain, change your life! Evolve into an Enlightened being - with the help of SCIENCE!
Mela, Owner at Magus

Herb of the Month

Elder Flower

What a wonderful herb! Drying and antiseptic, legend has it that this was the first European health code built into law after the Dark Ages. Today we use elderflowers and elderberries and elderflowers is the focus here. Thought to calm inflammation, fight viral and bacterial infections, lower blood sugars, and more. Elder flower tastes fine in tea and blends well with lemon peel, ginger, or mint.

Oil of the Month

Cinnamon Leaf

This is a great invigorating essential oil, perfect for the end of winter! A classic ingredient in mouthwash, a drop of two shaken into a homemade mouthwash can be great not just for bad breath, but for fighting some of the microscopic attackers of our teeth!Perhaps more importantly, there is research that suggests it may be able to help those who have had a heart attack or may have heart disease.

Stone of the Month


AVENTURINE! Bring on the adventures! This stone brings good luck, abundance, and is infused with optimism. You want this stone in your pocket, everyday!

Statue of the Month


A timeless expression of the Divine Feminine, Isis is known as the Goddess of Magick, of Healing, and Womens Empowerment. She is a protecting mother goddess, who is compassionate and caring, with great reservors of integrity and strength.

Talisman of the Month


Buné is a powerful spirit of the dead, appearing as grotesque dragon with the heads of a man, a griffin, and a dog. He is said to change the places of the corpses and cause spirits to gather in cemeteries; more enticing, perhaps, is his ability to make a man wealthy and grant eloquence. Beware, however, as stories of increased paranormal activity are common when working with Buné. He is, more than most, not a spirit for the faint of heart.

Astrology Photo

This month in Astrology...


We begin March in the afterglow of a powerful solar eclipse in mystical Pisces (2/26), with the Sun conjunct its modern ruler, Neptune. Doors of spiritual remembering and psychic initiation are popping open for many seekers, and magic is afoot. Focus on your spiritual practices, and invite clearer guidance from within about the part you came here to play. Generate waves of acceptance for those parts of yourself (and others) that you still deem unworthy. Lifetimes’ old programs of self-limiting denial can dissolve now.

The pictures on the big screen are getting weirder and weirder, as idealistic Jupiter in diplomatic Libra opposes revolutionary Uranus in explosive Aries, and squares shadow-facing Pluto in Capricorn. We’ve entered a second 60s of a sort, and if you’re comfortable, you’re not paying attention. Be the change, and get co-creative with the extended family members who are making good things happen. 2017 is yuuuge. We’re not going to get another chance to successfully change the destructive course that corporate crony capitalism has us on.

The Sun enters fiery Aries on the 20th, accelerating the volume and the pace of the calls to get involved. Venus is retrograde in Aries all month long, helping us to witness and rewire the ways we excuse ourselves from participation. We live in an age of pathologically self-centered disconnection, and Venus is calling us to release our passive aggressive patterns of avoidance and get out of our comfort zones.

Blessings to you on this crazy ride,

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