Game of Saturn

The Game of Saturn

For the First time in 500 years, this study on the Sola-Busca tarot is available for purchase! Within this magnificent observational work are the liturgical and ritual traditions of the Elite amongst the Renaissance era and the secrets to the corresponding deck.

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Book of the Month

La Santa Muerte

by Tomás Prowler

Open the hauntingly beautiful cover and join Tomás Prowler as he explores the rich history, culture, and practical magic behind the devotees of La Santa Muerte, the Spirit of Death herself- and the patron saint of sinners. Currently a Los Angeles mortician, Prowler has traveled extensively through Latin America, working as a literary translator for the Universidad de Chile and as a cultural liaison for the French government. Throughout his travels, Prowler has studied magical and religious practices all over the globe, developing his own style of cross-cultural spell-crafting practices. A devotee of La Santa Muerte himself, Prowler offers a unique perspective into esoteric Latin American mysticism and the millions of people who worship Death.

La Santa Muerte is divided into three parts, the first of which explores the cross-cultural sociology of how humans have interacted with death, and how those interactions have changed as we have entered into the modern age. Part I delves into Santa Muerte philosophy, the interconnected web of life and the supreme neutrality of death, and how the equalizing eye of La Santa Muerte has attracted followers not always understood by the mainstream society- feminists and criminals, soldiers and members of the LGBT community. Part I also compares La Santa Muerte to other cultural personifications of feminine Death, tracing her Roman Catholic as well as indigenous origins. Prowler describes the clandestine devotion to La Santa Muerte, the oral tradition of prayers and spells, and the importance of a personal connection to Death before he begins to tell of the recorded history of Santa Muerte groups in the Americas. In Part II, Prowler turns to practice: the various names and complex symbology of La Santa Muerte, as well as the tools of the trade. Prowler guides the reader through candles, incense, plants, and minerals used in spellwork, and suggests methods of blessing tools necessary to awaken magical properties and pay respect to their origins. Outlining the practical magic of the Santa Muerte tradition, Prowler describes altars and offerings to La Santa Muerte, and the diversity of methods practitioners worship both communally and individually. Finally, in Part III, Prowler discusses the anatomy of Santa Muerte spellwork, breaking down the components of a spell, describing it as both an art and a science. Part III is broken by chapter into the most common types of spellwork done by devotees of La Santa Muerte, such as money magic, love magic, lust magic, and protection magic. Prowler guides the reader step-by-step through spells by category, suggesting tools and prayers, as well as important mindsets for effective magic.

Prowler closes by discussing a cornerstone of La Santa Muerte philosophy- that death, as it looms above us, has a particular motivational power. The inevitability of death encourages us to take action, empower ourselves to make a difference while we can. By remembering that nothing lasts forever, devotees of La Santa Muerte appreciate the special in the normal, empowered by their own mortality. In a thoughtfully crafted journey through the complexities of Santa Muerte tradition, Tomás Prowler keeps the newcomer in mind and uses the unique experiences of his practices and travels to bring an important cross-cultural perspective to the table. A highly recommended read, both to enrich and delight.

Review by Olivia, Magus Minion

Herb of the Month


Hawthorne berry is an herb that represents the heart… Literally! It is known for providing strength to the heart both physically and emotionally. High blood pressure, hardened arteries, irregular heartbeat and even congestive heart failure are things this miraculous herb has been used for. The berry is also filled with antioxidants that reduce inflammation.

Oil of the Month


Vetiver is a plant that has been used for ages for a breath of uneasies. The oil has long been used in perfumery. Aside from the delightful smell, you can apply it to your life to increase libido, combat insomnia, treat ADHD, depression, and other mental troubles. Sore joints? No problem! You can use Vetiver to treat stiffness and other injuries.

Stone of the Month


Release and reorganize yourself with this lavender stone that assists one in breaking free from old behaviors. It brings deep emotional healing, soothes stress, and reduces depression. A beautiful, gentle stone for healing.

Statue of the Month


Poseidon is the Greek God of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. Brother to the king Zeus, he is said to give fair weather to sailors who gain his favor. Conversely, those who offend him are met with divine retribution in the form of capsizing, drowning, or poor sea travel. Captains of ships of all sizes are said to be under his protection.

Talisman of the Month

Egyptian Eye

The Udjat is one of the oldest known symbols of protection. It was used extensively in the art of Ancient Egypt and was commonly worn as a talisman. When pictured as a right eye, it represents the all-seeing eye of Ra, the sun god. As a left eye, it represents the eye of Horus, who had his left eye gouged out and then magically restored, symbolizing the phases of the moon. Use this powerful talisman as the ancients did, as a symbol of divine protection and healing.

Astrology Photo

This month in Astrology...

Welcome to another installment of eclipse season! (And another adventure with Mercury Retrograde- Wheee!)

This eclipse season seems to bear an overarching and maybe confusing message of “Don’t take yourself or your opinions so seriously… but also, dive whole-hog into the experience of shining your brilliance, and awakening to new levels of playful self-confidence.”

The Sun spends most of the month in her happy home sign of Leo, the lioness, and all signs are invited to the grand gala. Leo asks us to honor the spirit of life, dress up, and drum up enough confidence to go ahead and dance.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th asks us to release our attachments to opinions, and detached vibrations of the mind that don’t serve the spirit of deeper connections. Social media can be a wonderful tool, but how much of your brainspace is it hogging? Turn down the volume on your news consumption (and the worry that it generates), and initiate more compassionate human connections.

Mercury in exacting and orderly Virgo turns retrograde on the 12th, in an opposition with the mystical, outside-of-time-and-space planet of divine attunement (and/or denial), Neptune in Pisces. This Mercury retrograde cycle (8/12 – 9/5) promises to conjure some ridiculously confusing messages, hilarious data leaks, and entertaining travel delays (Mercury loves it when you can laugh about them).

The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo (during Mercury Rx on August 21st) will travel from coast to coast, in an event the US hasn’t seen since 1918 (right around the time the US became the biggest military/economic superpower in the world…) Solar eclipses are events that kind of flip a switch on the circuit breaker of reality. The power goes out for a second, and then a whole new wave of lessons and meanings come in to fill that space as it comes back on. This charged New Moon in Leo offers us a chance to say yes to life in more confident and creative ways. What does right power look like, and how can you express that with your playful participation in this life?

The Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, to help us come back to earth to process and integrate the magical and intense updates this eclipse season has conjured.

Have fun on this strange adventure!


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