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Book of the Month

Sumerian Exorcism: Magick, Demons, and the Lost Art of Marduk

by Michelle A. Belanger

Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, where writing and the first cities developed in the 4th Millennium BCE, is also the birthplace of Western Magick. Known as the Art of Marduk to the Babylonians, Magick was used in the earliest historical records for protection, healing, to bind and control spirits, and to gain the favor of the gods. Despite its foundational importance, very few modern witches or magicians know much about the Mesopotamian origins of their art. Sumerian Exorcism, compiled by renowned occult scholar Michelle Belanger, aspires to reveal this long forgotten knowledge to the contemporary reader. Containing illustrative examples of ancient Mesopotamian spells, along with commentary and explanatory essays, this book explores the beliefs and practices at the very heart of modern Witchcraft, Demonology, and Ceremonial Magick.
-Adam, Magus Arch Minion

Herb of the Month


Eleuthero, once called Siberian Ginseng, is thought of as a great adaptogen that may improve brain function and help regulate sugars in the body. Eleuthero is traditionally used to calm stress prone people who may need a good anti-inflammatory for sore joints or allergic reactions – because centuries of use suggest that eleuthero is helpful for these issues too.

Oil of the Month


This EO is fantastic! It can be great in massage oils applied to the stomach for all kinds of discomforts, even morning sickness – just make sure to add only a few drops to a few ounces of a carrier oil, like olive oil. What about headaches? Massage that same oil combination into the temples, sinus cavities, forehead and take a few deep breaths, you may be surprised at the results!

Stone of the Month

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli.... This deep blue stone is a potent stone to assist in Divination. It opens the crown, third eye, and throat chakra, so one can recieve connection to the Divine, understand it's messages, and communicate them in a clear way. It brings harmony, and a deep inner self knowlege while connecting one to the Angelic Realm.

Statue of the Month


"Be Your Own Guiding Light" These were the words of the dying Buddha. The Buddha taught that Englightenment lies within each of us, waiting to be awakened as we meditate on his humble, inspirational lessons. Bring Buddha into your home to symbolize all the gifts enlightenment brings!

Talisman of the Month

To Find Lost Treasure

The Black Pullet is one of the preeminent books of talismans in the Western Magical Tradition. It is said to have been given to an officer in Napolean’s army by a Turkish mystic living in the pyramids of Egypt. This talisman, the fifth in the collection, is for the discovery and possession of treasures. To charge the talisman, hold it in your left and say the words of power: Onaim, Persantes, Rasonastos. Happy hunting!

Astrology Photo

This month in Astrology...


Spring has sprung, and restless energies of fast-moving change are sprouting up all over the place. The Sun in fiery Aries (‘til the 19th) is cranking up the heat and urging us to get out of our comfort zones, get out there, and get busy (no pun intended).

A bold new beginning is indicated this April, as we start the month with Venus retrograde in the very first degree of our zodiac (0 Aries), rising as our new morning star. The goddess of love and beauty is now asking us to revise our approaches to self-assertion and social participation. The shadows of Aries (pushy, impatient energies of self-serving conquest) have grown too long in our world, and a Divine Feminine remembering is well overdue.

Venus heads back into mystical Pisces on the 2nd, where she’ll spend the rest of the month, helping us to reveal and reprogram unhealthy beliefs about love and money, remember the magic that animates this world, and face patterns of victimhood and escapism that prevent us from dancing with that magic more often.

Four planets change direction this month(!), and detail-oriented Mercury is one of them (retrograde on the 9th). Our best laid plans are going to require some adjustments, so don’t hang onto those agendas too tightly!

Unsettling energies of transformation will be vividly highlighted in our world by the Libra Full Moon on the 11th that aligns with revolution-inspiring Uranus in Aries and people-powered Jupiter in Libra, square to shadow-facing Pluto in Capricorn.

Outdated power structures of this world are crumbling. It's an uncomfortable process, but some deeper harmony will be unveiled as the Sun moves into earthy Taurus on the 19th, helping us to get grounded and find more beauty in these times of momentous change.


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