When you buy $50 of stick incense you will receive this complimentary incense burner! It has a coffin style opening that allows for either stick incense or cone incense to be burned. It also doubles as incense storage; There is a secret door on the bottom that allows ample room for your favorite fragrances.

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Tarot of the Morning Star

The illustrations of the Tarot of the Morning Star are visual representations of specific frequencies resonating with their corresponding worlds. They can be compared to specific stations on a radio dial. However, unlike the radio receiver that only presents the ghost voices of disembodied entities we cannot see, the images of the Morning Star tarot cards offer the experience of hallucinated voices, vision and emotion: the source of the transmission. We can see, hear, feel and communicate directly with the entity and are not limited by time and space. Observers may find themselves thrown into alien landscapes, standing beneath strange skies bejeweled with unknown constellations where our laws of geometry and physics do not function.

Scheduled for release October 2017

May Featured Products

Book of the Month

Jailbreaking the Goddess

Lasara Firefox Allen

Jailbreaking the Goddess is the seminal work by Lasara Firefox Allen. A powerhouse of feminist spirituality, Allen takes us through the feminist goddess archetypes of Maiden/Mother/Crone and revisions the goddess outside of women's biology and physical life journeys. More specifically, Allen's imagining of the divine feminine takes a look at the goddess outside of reproductive roles. Allen expands the feminine experience into the types of Femella (child), Potens (woman of power), Creatrix (she who creates), Sapientia (woman of art and wisdom), and Antiqua (the ancient one). Alongside her social analysis, Allen discusses practical ways to call upon each of these different faces of the goddess, including invocation, prayer, symbology, and seeking the Goddess.

Jailbreaking the Goddess is our Magus Book Club pick for the month of May. Join us on Sunday, May 27 from 1-2 pm to discuss this contemporary classic.

Review by Abbie Plouff, Magus Minion

Herb of the Month


This is a part of traditional beer brewing in Germany, where it was introduced to beer making by the eleventh century. Hops have been thought to be so good at helping those with insomnia that hops stuffed pillows were used by mad King George III of England and George Washington as a sleep aid. Magickally it is used in spells to help us let go of old resentments, for forgiving, and for making amends.

Oil of the Month

Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit EO is a sunny way to wake up! Add a drop to a handful of salt and a little coconut oil and there is a perfect salt scrub to start the day – just gently rub against the skin (sensitive areas excluded, of course) and rinse off at the end of a shower. The skin is moisturized and the day looks better even before that first cup of caffeine! Grapefruit EO also has a reputation for helping fight infections, controlling appetite, and improving digestion! Magickally this oil could be added to a bath or a room spray to drive away negative influences.

Stone of the Month

Moss Agate

While technically a type of quartz, Moss Agate can be milky white to deep green with dark-blue waves. Metaphysically speaking, Moss Agate vibrates at a lower frequency but is highly sought after for its stabilizing and strengthening effects. It is excellent for balancing emotional, physical, and intellectual influences. It is also known as a healing and protective stone.

Statue of the Month

Millennial Gaia

Gaia was the ancient Greek primordial force from which all the other forces and the Titans came from. Gaia, or Ge, literally means ‘the earth’. In this modern depiction of Gaia, she is seen as the blue and green woman of the earth. The web of life is shown climbing her vegetal hair, evolving to a tiny human holding the blue orb of the planet earth.

Talisman of the Month

Sun Talisman

This Talisman of the Sun features two famous designs from the prominent Key of Solomon, the 4th and 6th Pentacles of the Sun. The first is used gain vision of invisible spiritual beings while the second is a talisman for invisibility. Taken together, it helps to not only see the unseen world, but to consciously enter it.


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