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We work together, client and healer, to arrive at a combination of therapies designed to meet your specific needs. As traditional and natural health practitioners, we will help you understand what is happening in your body and why. We will then go over the healing modalities you may want to know about in light of your health concerns and help you put a plan in to action.

Mela Liz

Massage with Mela

What is Integrative Intuitive Massage?
This Massage, with Mela the Master Massage Therapist, begins with communication between the giver and receiver about where greater relief and ease is wanted within the body. Mela allows the receiver to disrobe privately and relax on a heated table, before she enters the healing space. You are offered the choice of incorporating Chakra-tuning aromatherapy as we begin the actual session. Then Mela tunes into your body at your head or your feet, and then goes where she is called to by the body. Sometimes deep pressure is needed, sometimes a light unwinding is what the body is wanting. Profound relaxation and trance-like states are frequent results following this type of healing session with Mela.

What is Cranio-Sacral Shiatsu?
This particular treatment can help unwind and encourages expansion into YourSelf. Traditionally performed through loose, comfortable clothing (though recipient may disrobe if they wish), Mela takes time to listen to the body, finding the cranial wave and then assisting to unwind blockages and help create a free flow of energetic wellness within. It is not uncommon for the recipient to experience visuals and releasing of emotions or energies, and to feel more Free & Lighter within their bodies.

Herbalism with Liz

Herbalism is an both ancient and a modern healing art exploring the inner secrets of herbs and how they work with the body to enhance health.
All around the world herbalism has been practiced for millennia. Many healing traditions have collected empirical knowledge about herbal healing for untold centuries. Studying these traditions and bringing ancient knowledge from around the world together into one practice as been a life long process for me.
Herbalism is also a modern healing art exploring the inner secrets of herbs and how they react to the body and with medications. Using scientific studies to enhance the traditional knowledge of herbalism and using the theoretical models of herb to drug interaction results in a more cautious and safe approach to herbalism.
Blending knowledge from healing traditions and modern research is the heart of my practice—Medicinal Herbalism.

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