Tarot of the Morning Star

Tarot of the Morning Star

The illustrations of the Tarot of the Morning Star are visual representations of specific frequencies resonating with their corresponding worlds. They can be compared to specific stations on a radio dial. However, unlike the radio receiver that only presents the ghost voices of disembodied entities we cannot see, the images of the Morning Star tarot cards offer the experience of hallucinated voices, vision and emotion: the source of the transmission. We can see, hear, feel and communicate directly with the entity and are not limited by time and space. Observers may find themselves thrown into alien landscapes, standing beneath strange skies bejeweled with unknown constellations where our laws of geometry and physics do not function.

Scheduled for release October 2017

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Book of the Month

The Witches Heart

Christopher Penczak

“Do you have anything for a love spell?” is a question I hear fairly frequently working at Magus Books and Herbs. While I can point out things like red candles, geranium essential oil, or rose quartz, people will then ask how I use them. This is where I actually get excited. It means they’re willing to do some work. I point them to Christopher Penczak’s The Witches Heart. I’m not there to teach people magic, but I can give people the resources to do so for themselves.

Finding a relationship can be difficult. Making a relationship last for a long time is work. Feeling self-love is even harder work. This book is just the resource to use magic to make doing the work a little easier.

The Witch’s Heart is so much more than just a place to find a Sex Candle spell, though I can say the Sensual Bath Oil (p.171) is absolutely worth pick the book up and an is excellent example of self care. Penczak asks the reader to dive deep into themselves ask the hard questions. What kind of relationship do you want to have? What does a physical relationship look like to you? What parts of being in a relationship feed your soul? His willingness to ask the reader to answer these questions, gives me great respect for this author with over 20 published books.

Additionally, I love how inclusive Christopher is. He doesn’t just speak to monogamous heterosexual couples. It makes me trust an author more when they address the world as it is: multifaceted, biodynamic, filled with different types of relationships that look vastly different from the ones the dominant culture provides.

Going through this book, I wrote little notes in the margins, underlined phrases, and stuck in sheets of paper where I did short journalism exercises. I would certainly come up with different answers to the questions proposed in this book 5 years ago. My guess is that I will have more nuanced responded 10 years from now. I can see myself coming back to this book over and over again, not just for the spells, rituals, and meditations, but for the notes I wrote in the margins. It became a little book of shadows for me, a way to look into my own heart.

Review by -Markus K Ironwood, M.Ed

Herb of the Month

Tongkat Ali

Just in time for Valentine’s! Tongkat ali has become popular in the last decade outside of its native Malaysia as an aphrodisiac and some research does exist that suggest that this herb can improve male fertility. It has a long history for use to increase sex drive, increasing strength, lowering blood pressure, podssibly fighting some cancers and more.

Oil of the Month

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

This is the EO to use if you have dreams of roses but nightmares about $60.00 to $120.00 for .125 ounce. This far more affordable EO is a real treat. A rosey, minty smell, this African oil has been used to combat depression, anxiety, and oily skin! It has been used as a first aid remedy for burns and other skin issues as well, so it can be great in lotions, baths, and steams.

Stone of the Month

Rose Quartz

This gentle pink stones has also been called the Heart Stone and has a long history of being used in relationships, instilling compassion, and peace in its wearers. Awakening the heart to its own sense of love and tenderness, rose quarts allows for a greater ability give and accept love from others.

Statue of the Month


The Greek Goddess of Sexual Passion, she has been an inspiration for millennium. According to ancient texts, she emerged from the foam of the primordial sea. Aphrodite was one of the only forces that could manipulate the King of the Gods, Zeus. Bring this classical representation of passion and pleasure into your home. Or give the gift love to your friend or loved one.

Talisman of the Month

Thor's Hammer

Thor's Hammer, or Mjollnir, is a legendary weapon, forged by dwarves, which was believed to be responsible for thunder & lightning. Thor, the Norse god of thunder, wielded his special weapon against the giants, forces of chaos within the universe. Thor was also the special protector of humanity and Mjollnir was commonly used as a protective talisman from the Viking Age onward.

Astrology Photo

This month in Astrology...

February is looking like it might be a pretty fun month here, with some good co-creative magical potential... We start the month just after our very powerful Lunar Eclipse in Leo, and we get a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th. No planets are retrograde, and dots are getting connected a little quicker than usual all over the place.

“True” Imbolc (when the Sun is right at the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox) is on the 3rd at 3:30 pm (it’s an amazing time for a party this year!) Celebrate the return of that blessed light.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are together in community-oriented and future-minded Aquarius, and inviting social opportunities will be popping up all over the place for the first half of the month. Send lines out to new and old friends and co-creators you’re excited about.

This trio (Sun, Mercury, Venus) in Aquarius all make transformative story-sparking squares to Jupiter in Scorpio: Venus- late on the 3rd (Imbolc and Saturday night- great time for dancings and lovings!), the Sun on the 10th (Saturday evening), and Mercury on the 13th. These three squares are potent windows to receive glimpses of bigger-picture lessons and take meaningful steps on ambitious long-term projects.

Our Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the afternoon of the 15th (not visible here) is an important time to plant seeds of community healing. A square between volatile Mars in opinionated Sagittarius and confusing Neptune in mystical Pisces might turn up the volume on some scary images and paranoid feelings (not to mention toxic romantic delusions) for a bit (notice the dog whistles and fear-inspiring ad campaigns, but don’t buy ‘em!) Join together with people of good mind and heart, and decide now to participate where you are called.

The Sun moves into dreamy Pisces (to join Mercury and Venus… and Neptune) on the 18th, and invitations to slink back into our cozy hidey holes will be numerous. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, where all of the archetypes and dreams of the collective live. We can reinvent ourselves here by meeting deeper aspects of our souls that have been hidden away. Piscean lessons help us to honor the holes in our armor, and the flaws in our best-laid plans. Compassion is the balm to apply.

Wonderful opportunities for romance bubble up on the weekend of the 24th-25th as Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Sagittarius. Some exciting sexy vibes can get to moving, but be careful! Those rose-colored spectacles can dig you into something that’s not so healthy if you’re not careful.

Honor the stories of sensitivity and victimhood that grace your path- inside and out. Mental health doesn’t come easy in this strange world, and crazies bubble up in a lot of places. Get your process on with gifted counselors, and honor the medicines that help you.

Blessings to you in these strange and magical times,

For more info about Saleem and Astrology, contact him at www.innatewholenessastrology.com.


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