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Tarot of the Morning Star

The illustrations of the Tarot of the Morning Star are visual representations of specific frequencies resonating with their corresponding worlds. They can be compared to specific stations on a radio dial. However, unlike the radio receiver that only presents the ghost voices of disembodied entities we cannot see, the images of the Morning Star tarot cards offer the experience of hallucinated voices, vision and emotion: the source of the transmission. We can see, hear, feel and communicate directly with the entity and are not limited by time and space. Observers may find themselves thrown into alien landscapes, standing beneath strange skies bejeweled with unknown constellations where our laws of geometry and physics do not function.

Scheduled for release October 2017

April Featured Products

Book of the Month

Horns of Honor

Fredrick Thomas Elworthy

The eighteen and early nineteen hundreds were not known for their scholastic rigor. Academics of the era were influenced by a strong Christian values and a west-knows-best bias. Frederick Thomas Elworhty was not safe from these influences and it shows throughout his work. However in the introduction to Horns of Honor: Regaining the Spirit of the Pagan Horned God editor Raven Grimassi says we “shouldn’t through the baby out with the bath water.” I would have to agree. There is much knowledge to be gained in Elworthy’s writings.

For instance, there was a strong focus in much of the beginning of how much of the Roman use of horned adornments were used by women. These were symbols of strength and fertility, much like they are in male Celtic iconography. Frederick shows his work and doesn’t give me a moment’s pause to believe he’s constructing these ideas to suit some addenda other than a search for knowledge. This starts to faultier when he gets to fourth part entailed The Hand. Here Elworhty attempts to examine various hand gestures, correlating them to ancient Greek and Roman “religious” artifacts. I found myself confused by the comparisons, contrasts, and correlations he is making. Even Grimassi said this was not the strongest or most compelling part of Elworthy’s work.

Through it all, I found myself compelled and challenged by Horns of Honor. I am an academic and a scientist before I’m anything else, and unfortunately Elworthy’s scholarship doesn’t stand the test of time. That isn’t to say I wasted my own time by consuming this text. If anything, I now have a fuller picture of the evolution of the horned-gods icons and associations over the course of western history. The nineteen century and it’s views and are no less important in informing today’s understandings than are the first century or earlier. Our perspective changes as we know more, this includes understanding primary sources, as well as all the interpretation and experiences people have had thus far.

If you are looking for a good source of information on horned gods, including Pan, Bacchus, Baphamet, Hern, and others, the use of horns in paganism and other religions, as well as a ton of interesting historical trivia, you could find a whole lot worse text. If the topic interests you at all, I would even go so far as to say that is could be a good place to start, just make sure you know when the author was writing before you believe every word on the page.

Review by Markus K. Ironwood, M.Ed.

Herb of the Month


Associated with Aphrodite, the ancient Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, myrtle is kept by those who invite joy and happiness into their lives! From placing a sprig near babies’ cribs to the British Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet, myrtle is used to help insure joy and happiness today and forevermore. Add a little to a wedding incense, or to a bath for a special touch of its joyful magick.

Oil of the Month

Myrtle Oil

Although not good for children, myrtle essential oil can be great with adults who struggle with repeated coughs and colds, a stressful life, or just to help eliminate body odor naturally. Used in moderation this is a great EO! Try adding a few drops to a bath or a diffuser for a cough or cold. Keep a portable inhaler of it for stressful moments. Add myrtle to a DIY deodorant or body powder for a great smelling odor fighter. Just like the herb, the essential oil is associated with Aphrodite, a goddess of love and pleasure, so it might even spice up your night life!

Stone of the Month

Petrified Wood

Because its association with trees, Petrified wood is said to be grounding. Many western authors say it is connected to the root chakra, and say it can facilitate in past life regression work. Petrified Wood is created when soft sediment, like volcanic ash, covers living trees. Over thousands of years, the cells and tissues are replaced with minerals like quartz and silicone. Elements like manganese, iron, and copper give the petrified wood a variety of colors like pinks, reds, and greens.

Statue of the Month


We all need to bring the thunder sometimes. Bring Thor into your home this month for a burst of power, protection, and good fortune for the growing season. Often mistaken for a god of war, Thor was actually the favorite god of farmers. He controls the weather, and therefore praying to Thor in the springtime was an important spiritual practice. While Thor may not be a god of war he is the wielder of the hammer Mjollnir - which was indeed used to slay giants, but it was also used to bless fields and funeral pyres, and is even placed in a bride's lap to ensure fertility. Snorri Sturluson also describes Thor as originating in Ethiopia or Troy.

Talisman of the Month


Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of magic and healing. Isis was a powerful magical worker, and was even said to be worth "more than a million gods" because of her prowess in magical arts. She is often associated with kingship and life because of her role in the death and resurrection of Osiris. When Osiris was murdered by Set, she was the primary figure that searched for the pieces of his body in order to resurrect him. The power of her grief combined with the magical spells she cast. It is said that this myth is a part of the basis for mummification.

Astrology Photo

This month in Astrology...

The Sun is in fiery Aries ‘til the 19th, offering some reminders to get out of our comfort zones and get our hands dirty on tasks that matter. Spring is here (hypothetically), and it’s an important time to get moving. Pressure builds as many new ambitious efforts meet with stubborn resistance in the first half of the month.

April starts with some charged reflection time as this bombastic Aries Sun makes a conjunction with that trickster, Mercury Retrograde. Ineffective habit patterns around important responsibilities, and repeating, aggravating thought patterns are being illuminated and questioned. Are your priorities in life clear at this time? Are you able to focus your energies effectively? What frustrations and roadblocks are you encountering now that echo significant challenges from the past? What exercise or conscious movement practices could help you to let the pressure off now, and to release some old limitations?

An important theme for all of April seems to be around freeing ourselves from old experiences of anger and frustration. This energy can help us to develop more of a backbone now, even (especially) if it’s challenging and not immediately rewarding. This can be an incredibly rich and energizing month if we can maintain our priorities through the uncomfortable parts.

One deep blessing that can help us to enjoy this month is Venus, that goddess of love and beauty, who has entered her happy earthy home of Taurus! Venus is now our peace-bringing evening star (check her out in the west after sunset), and the comforting and sensually satisfying vibrations she brings while in Taurus can help us to find that delicious power of now, despite all the uncomfortable tension in the whirlwinds of April.

The fire-starting New Moon in Aries on the 15th is conjunct with the most disruptive planet in our skies- Uranus. This crazy change-oriented New Moon is accompanied by three planetary direction changes over the next week: Mercury in Aries Direct on the 15th, Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde on the 17th, and Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde on the 22nd. These three direction changes can unveil deeper layers of the teachings this month brings. Challenges around claiming personal responsibility are highlighted, and frustrations with unfair power structures can reach a boiling point. An opposition between Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio drops the hint that some beautiful interpersonal adventures can get sparked with this volatile energy as fuel. Burn away your resistance to magic.

The Sun enters slow-moving, five-sense-enjoying Taurus on the 19th, and the deliciousness of life emerges without so much need for decisive action. Sensual Venus (the ruler of Taurus) moves into playful Gemini on the 24th, and flirtatious, outgoing social energies grow stronger as the Moon waxes and Mercury gets up to speed again.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th will be shining light on some very well-kept secrets. What old fears are you carrying in your tissues that are still running the show sometimes? What interpersonal assumptions and power games are you playing into? Choose now to cut the cords in those contracts that aren’t empowering for both of you.

April delivers many deep lessons around concepts of power and control. “Ownership” is an interesting idea, and this month can help us to update our understandings of value, as well as healthier interpersonal boundaries. Gratitude is the magical fuel of Taurus. Invite more glimpses of the treasures buried in your heart, and give thanks for all the beautiful stories this strange life is telling.


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