Witches in Residency - Astrology Experience

Witches in Residency - Astrology Experience
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Detailed Description

Witches in Residency - Astrology with Adam Wolter

Dates: 6/3, 7/8, 8/5

Tickets are $100 for each adult and $75 for each teen 12 - 17 years of age.*

*Teens MUST be accompanied by a paying adult.

Theme: Get Visionary with Jupiter in Taurus (May 16 2023 to May 25 2024)!

Learn a bit about how Jupiter’s transit through Taurus is related to your chart, and explore some ways to make more beauty in your world with its energies. The day will open with a short discussion and review of everyone’s chart to get an understanding of some themes that are ripe for empowerment.

Project – Create a Vision Board around empowering the energies that are activated in your chart.* (Need to send birth info to get print copy of chart) Handouts will include information on the Planets, Houses, and Signs.

Snack: Sharing a liver tonic tea with Jupiter, and some baked goods with Venus (the Queen of Taurus)

Meditation: We’ll explore some Jupiterian bird’s-eye views of your meaningful life journey thus far, and infuse your path with deeper understandings of sacred connection, belonging, and purpose.

Activity: Learn some astrologically-attuned breathing and walking techniques, with a special focus on deepening our embodied understandings of Jupiter’s gifts.

What you will need:

*When you register for this experience, please send Adam your birth details so he can print out your birth chart. Send location, date, and time of birth to astrologeradam@gmail.com

Please note: when choosing your tickets, please make sure you pick the right dates! Ex: Option A6.3.23 is an adult ticket for June 3rd, 2023!