Weiser Field Guide To Ghosts

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From battlefield and biblical ghosts to poltergeists and orbs, The Weiser Field Guide to Ghosts examines categories and subcategories of ghosts across time and cultures, including commonalities and misconceptions. Stories of encounters, legendary ghosts, and haunted places are all covered in this beautifully illustrated compendium, a veritable A-Z of the otherworld. The Weiser Field Guide to Ghosts is concise and comprehensive, complete with practical tips on ghost hunting and suggested further reading.

From the Book:
The Greek words ekto and plasma, meaning "exteriorized substance" give us the modern word "ectoplasm." This word was coined by Professor Charles Richet in 1894 and applied to a materialized spirit or ghost, as seen at a Spiritualist seance. When a "physical" (as opposed to a "mental") medium goes into trance, he or she may exude a white substance known as ectoplasm. This streams from the body out of a variety of orifices, such as the nose, ears, mouth, navel, nipples, sexual organs, or even just from the pores. Apparently it is light-sensitive, requiring complete darkness to manifest.

* A guidebook to a perennial hot topic from one of America's foremost experts on the spirit world, includes topics such as warning ghosts and practical ghost hunting.

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