Underground Alien Bio Lab at Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers

Underground Alien Bio Lab at Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers
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IS THE TOWN OF DULCE, NEW MEXICO THE LOCATION OF AN UNDERGROUND BASE GUARDED BY U.S. FORCES AND INHABITED BY A GROUP OF SINISTER EXTRATERRESTRIALS? OR IS ALL THE UFO AND PARANORMAL ACTIVITY IN THE AREA MERELY A FALSE FLAG DESIGNED TO ACT AS A CONVENIENT COVER STORY FOR SECRET BLACK PROJECT OPERATIONS? OR PERHAPS SOMETHING EVEN MORE SINISTER IS TAKING PLACE AT THIS LOCAL AS SUGGESTED BY RADIO HOST JC JOHNSON WHEN HE ASKS, "Are the beings working with the government there in fact demons whose evil exceeds anything we may think we know about aliens in Dulce?" "It is an absolutely incredible story," says Timothy Green Beckley, editor of the Conspiracy Journal. Since the mid to late 1970s there have been all sorts of rumors about an underground laboratory beneath the town of Dulce. The UFO Hunters show on the History Channel recently featured the entire saga of what has been taking place on Native American soil, and a few days later George Noory and Coast to Coast AM plunged head first trying to make sense out of the various accounts that have surfaced. Beckley admits that it is difficult to pin-point exactly when this macabre saga started to develop. But he gives credit to an engineer named Paul Bennewitz for getting the ball rolling when Bennewitz says he was called to the area when aliens started to communicate with him over a radio receiver. He had been directed to Dulce after observing UFOs over Kirkland Air Force Bases nuclear storage facility. Standing near the tall cliffs outside Dulce, Bennewitz took a series of photographs showing unidentified craft diving into the mountains through what he claimed were entrance ways that could be opened and closed. Around the same time there was a dramatic increase in animal mutilations in the vicinity and at least one person, Christa Tilton came forward to claim that she was abducted and taken to this subterranean facility. Her full report and all the information which makes for a startling cosmic Dragnet story are included in this far reaching work. One individual in the U.S. military who was involved in the early stages of this investigation claims he engaged in hand to hand combat with ETs who had taken over level seven of the Dulce Base after a conflict with our soldiers. Another person involved in this epic committed "suicide" shortly after the "Dulce affair" was made public. Much has been speculated upon regarding this sinister matter. But this is the complete work that contains balanced information and details from all sides. First time ever interview with Paul Bennewitz who was pushed over the edge never to return to sanity.

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