Traveling the Darkside Armchair Tour

Traveling the Darkside Armchair Tour
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Detailed Description

Traveling the Darkside is a unique armchair tour of some very haunted places!

Join June Gossler Anderson on a lecture tour of Anoka, Ireland, and Romania to discover the chilling spiritual activity hidden in these places.

First Date: October 12th, 2024

Time: 1 - 3pm

Description: Haunted Anoka

Through the magic of Power Point, your guide will take you on a virtual trip through forgotten Anoka to hear the stories of the people who once lived there and, according to some, are still hanging around. During this hour-long presentation, she will tell you of long ago Anoka—of the Jackson Hotel, now Billy’s, the old Post Office, Colonial Hall, the Masonic Lodge, and some infamous residences, all haunted, of course.

Second Date: October 19th, 2024

Time: 1 - 3pm

Description: Haunted Ireland

Ireland is famous for its “thin places,” a membrane or a thin layer between worlds that cross over each other. From pagan times to present, Ireland’s dark history has been recorded in its abbeys and churches, forts and castles, jails and graveyards by those who lived during those turbulent times and often perished because of them. Their ghosts are eyewitnesses to this history. Sometimes, they are the history.

Third Date: October 26th, 2024

Time: 1 - 3pm

Description: Tracking Dracula

This is the story of two men—one a writer, the other a warlord, who lived in different countries in different centuries. It is about how their lives intertwined to create the most memorable villain of all time—Count Dracula

Published in 1897, Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel, Dracula, launched an entire genre of literature and film about vampires, those sinister figures who use their supernatural powers to hunt humans and drink their blood. From the comfort and safety of your armchair we will track Dracula from the stone-cold crypt beneath St. Michan’s Church in Dublin, to the magnificent ruin of Whitby Abbey in England, to the storied castles of Romania once frequented by Vlad Tepes, known by reputation as “Vlad the Impaler.”

About your guide: June Anderson was an Anoka County Historical Society Ghost Tour Guide for ten years and has taken part in numerous paranormal investigations. As well as being on familiar terms with the Anoka Ghosts, she has traveled to Ireland, England, and Romania to meet theirs.