The Mastery of Life

The Mastery of Life
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Outside of Mexico City lies the ancient pyramid complex of Teotihuacan, which, according to the oral tradition of the Ruiz family, was the spiritual center for the Toltec people. For over 30 years, Toltec master Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. has been traveling to the pyramids of Teotihuacan to teach others about the powerful mysteries that can be found there. Now, for the first time ever, Ruiz reveals the meaning and transformative power of this ancient city to all and explains to listeners how they too can experience this transformation in their own lives.

Teotihuacan is no ordinary city, and according to Ruiz, the pyramid complex was specifically designed with detailed spiritual lessons in mind. Ruiz leads the reader through the development of three stages of life mastery - the mastery of awareness, the mastery of transformation, and the mastery of intent - and shows how the wisdom of the ancients is more relevant than ever to the world we inhabit today.Not content merely to describe these powerful lessons, this book also includes a wealth of practical meditations, exercises, and reflections to assist the listener along their own path to personal peace.

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