The Autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth & the Missing Years

The Autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth & the Missing Years
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This novel is the cumulative work of almost twenty years. The material has been researched extensively, both through academic sources and in the countries of Israel, India and Egypt. The verification had been undertaken through direct memory of past lives, using Regression Therapy and Channeled sources. The purpose was not to demean established teachings, teachings that have almost two thousand years of tradition to back them up. I simply wanted to put forward what I personally believe to be true, with regard to the human being we all refer to as Jesus of Nazareth. Once there was an extraordinary man who walked this planet. He was the paradigm for all that Humankind can become. He spoke simply so that all could understand. His fundamental teaching was that everyone can come to God ONLY through the Heart Center. "As I do, you also can do" he said. His words were literal then, they have become lost in Institutionalized metaphysics. He did not arrive on the political stage of first century Judea without having first undergone extensive training and unimagined personal dangers. It is this training and the many inconsistencies of the New Testament that this novel addresses and explains. You cannot know the man - until you know his background. This background has been kept secret for two thousand years, for reasons that will become quickly evident.

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