The American Goliah

The American Goliah
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WONDERFUL SCIENTIFIC CURIOSITY? HUMAN ODDITY? OUTRAGEOUS HOAX? RELATED TO THE NEPHILM OF GENESIS? A giant of stone of remarkable dimensions was uncovered over a century ago. . . Here is the full report, including scientific statements that when stood upright the figure stood nearly eleven feet high, and its head nearly double the size of any ordinary human. . . Because it was removed from the ground in upstate New York, some confuse it with the much more controversial Cardiff Giant. But this amazing discovery stands by itself among those who dare question its authenticity. . .But where has the giant disappeared to? -- Can it still be viewed by the public, or have archaeological knaves whisked it away so it cannot be examined under today's more favorable laboratory conditions? . . . Here is the original full report as published at the time, plus additional information by today's top Fortean researchers: -- ++SOUTH AMERICA'S GIANT UFONAUTS BY SCOTT CORRALES -- News of an alleged three-meter-tall non-human entity shambling toward a roadside in Chile (March 2010) brought back memories of the giant UFO occupants commonly reported in the 1950s, and 60s, usually in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, although cases in Spain and even the USA were reported. -- + THE CARDIFF GIANT COMES ALIVE! BY NICK REDFERN -- "Believed to be a hoax, I was lecturing near the museum where the giant is still on display. But, there's a very weird story that goes along with the viewing of this infamous artifact that deals with what sounds like a Tulpa-type sighting of the Cardiff Giant - as if the legend had come to life because of belief in it" -- +ANTHROPOIDS, GIANTS AND MAMMOTHS BY HAROLD T. WILKINS -- Here is evidence that so-called prehistoric monsters and giants were contemporaneous with ancient and perhaps modern man.

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