The Alexander Technique Manual

The Alexander Technique Manual
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The Alexander Technique is a simple yet profound way to release muscular tension throughout the body. It teaches us new ways of sitting, standing, and moving that put less stress on the bones and joints and help us move more gracefully. Developed by Fredrick Matthias Alexander, this technique explores the physical law of cause and effect and applies it to everyday common ailments. The Alexander Technique Manual explains how to reduce stress levels to achieve a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle and reveals how Alexander made his unique discoveries. Simple step-by-step instructions aided by specially commissioned color photographs will enhance your understanding of the underlying principles of the technique. Special sections covering a wide range of sports as well as pregnancy and childbirth make this simple yet comprehensive book a must for anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle. The Alexander Technique Manual will help you move through life with greater ease. * A step-by-step guide to improve breathing, posture, and well-being. * The first complete color-illustrated guide to this world-famous technique. * Written by an established author in this field.