The Adventures of Seamus Tripp and the Empire City

The Adventures of Seamus Tripp and the Empire City
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The lofty towers and crowded streets of the City are the playground of dark powers. Will Seamus Tripp and the gang defeat the infernal forces before more lives are lost? He's Seamus Tripp, Magician. When Seamus Tripp, the owner of Tripp's Imports & Antiquities, Boston's finest shop for exotics and rarities, travels to New York City for a sight-seeing trip, he is caught up in his most dangerous adventure yet: saving the Hedge Wizards of Central Park from the infernal plot of a power-hungry city councilman! Seamus travels to New York City with his business partner Myron, his nephew Gordon, and his precocious charge Elie Doolittle to see the sights and enjoy a relaxing vacation. But no sooner do they arrive before an old acquaintance reveals a dangerous plot... one so explosive that the plotters will do anything to hide it. Follow Seamus over, under, and through the streets of New York as he's pursued by corrupt cops, supernatural monsters, and even demons... and where the prize is the spiritual balance of the City itself! **** The Adventures of Seamus Tripp are a middle-grade adventure series filled with humor, action, and excitement. From an ancient monastery high in the Alps to a hidden temple deep in the Amazon, the Adventures of Seamus Tripp take readers around the Victorian world in a search for monsters, treasure, magic, and mystery. Each book is a full-length, stand-alone adventure. They can be read in any order and are the perfect length for middle-grade readers.

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