The Adventure of Seamus Tripp & the Fire Opal Gate

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After receiving a mysterious but tempting message from an old school chum, famed treasure hunter Seamus Tripp embarks on his most lucrative quest ever: to search out a legendary mine hidden deep in the Outback of Australia. When Seamus, his hesitant business partner Myron Fish, sensitive nephew Gordon, and high-spirited charge Elie Doolittle arrive down under, they soon discover that there is more to the expedition than meets the eye. Miners report “strange happenings” and ranchers warn of dangerous creatures, and soon the party is confronted by a fierce tribe of Aborigine warriors bent on keeping the mine secret… at all costs! Prepare for a journey with Seamus Tripp into the Outback and deep beyond the Fire Opal Gate, where the explorers contend against exhausting heat, hostile foes, and dreams so disturbing they risk spilling into the world and destroying the nature of reality itself! The Adventures of Seamus Tripp are a middle-grade adventure series filled with humor, action, and excitement. From an ancient monastery high in the Alps to a hidden temple deep in the Amazon, the Adventures of Seamus Tripp take readers around the Victorian world in a search for monsters, treasure, magic, and mystery. Each book is a full-length, stand-alone adventure. They can be read in any order and are the perfect length for middle-grade readers. To find out more, check out the website: In a world of Victorian exploration and discovery, the world grows smaller, secrets long hidden come to light, and dark magics rise. Can Seamus Tripp unravel the mysteries, unearth the treasures, and discover the mythical creatures? Buy the Adventures of Seamus Tripp to find out! He's Seamus Tripp. Adventurer.

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