Sylvan Dread

Sylvan Dread
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From the author of “At Fear’s Altar” and “The Benighted Path” comes the paperback printing of Sylvan Dread, Richard Gavin's fifth collection of preternatural tales. Bound within are thirteen nightmares exploring the Sinister Pastoral, the dominion prevailing at the intersection of mortal reckoning, and the primordium of Daemonic Nature. As a meditation on the forces of predation and parasitism, monstrous fecundity and decay, and those hidden folk who occupy the spaces between the branches, this new collection evokes the primeval wood — the place where all dreams and nightmares begin. In this isolate copse we witness the excavation of abominations long earthbound, the twilight of the rational, and the forgotten violence of the Dionysian Rite. 184 pages.

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