Standing in Your Truth - Book Signing

Standing in Your Truth - Book Signing
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Learn about the wisdom contained within your chakras and how to move into the new year with '7 Sacred Truths.'

Book Signing Event Saturday 12/30/23 from 3-5pm.

Suzy will open with a short discussion about discovering your own body wisdom and divine wisdom by connecting with your different chakras. Then she will be available for questions and book signing.

Stand In Your Truth: Seven Sacred Truths to Living a Divinely Guided Life is a roadmap for bringing humanity back into balance by raising our individual vibration as we raise the planetary vibration of Mother Earth. When living in Truth, your heart finds its purest alignment with your Soul, Spirit, love, and all creation. You'll understand that human experiences and spiritual experiences are not separate. Fear fades away, revealing an ever-present unconditional loving wisdom in which all becomes possible.

Stand In Your Truth creates a bridge between you as a spiritual being and as a human being. Suzy explores spiritual concepts through the lens of her personal life experience, gifts as a clairvoyant, intuitive healer, chakra balancer, yoga & meditation instructor, and channel for Divine Mother.

Suzy applies these universal truths to find healing and a deep understanding of her own personal experiences, including her foundational trauma from adoption, walking her dad through ALS, and losing a dear friend to an accidental opioid overdose. Stand In Your Truth demonstrates that life lessons are the same, even though our personal experiences may differ. Therefore, we can all discover more profound wisdom, healing, and spiritual growth by applying these truths to our own lives.

Suzy also reveals "The Gift" within each experience-helping readers understand that we will all face contrast in our lives. Still, goodness is always hidden in every experience if we allow it time and space to come forward. This thought-provoking and soul-inspiring book includes exploratory journal questions followed by channeled messages from Divine Mother.

To further deepen your experience, readers are invited to join Suzy's free all-level yoga and meditation classes, accessed through links at the end of each chapter.

The time to elevate your life and be open to Divine Wisdom and miracles is now. So Stand In Your Truth because together, we can heal ourselves and our beautiful Mother Earth.