Standing Stones Coven Seekers Class

Standing Stones Coven Seekers Class
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Join the Standing Stones Coven in this FREE class designed to give newbies, witchlets, and seekers the information they need to understand what Paganism and Wicca is all about.

Syllabus and Dates (All Classes are held on a Saturday from Noon to 2pm):

11/12/22: Meet, Greet, What to Expect

11/19/22: What is Paganism?

12/3/22: Pagan Ethics and Magical Responsibilities

12/17/22: Wheel of the Year - Sacred Change

1/7/23: Moon Mysteries

1/14/23: Elements 1

1/21/23: Elements 2

1/28/23: Centering, Grounding and the Elements

2/11/23:Energy and Chakras

2/18/23: Auras, Aura Reading and Shielding

2/25/23: Tools of the Craft

3/4/23: Ritual Basics

3/11/23: Magical Mind and Meditation

3/25/23: Tarot Reading Part 1

4/1/23: Tarot Reading Part 2

4/15/23: Paganism, Children and Family

4/22/23: Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Nudity

4/29/23: Pendulums

5/13/23: Magical Personality

5/20/23: Psychometry

5/27/23: What is Dedication, Initiation, and Coven Life?

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