Spirits of the Goetia Quick-Connect Board

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Detailed Description

A unique design...this board is for the busy occultist in the modern age. The center sigil is for Archangel Raziel. Raziel is an easytocontact angel that can connect you to all the other entities. Around it is Raziel's invocation popularized by Damon Brand, Kosu Harim Silah Va'Anafeha Arz El. Don't worry...angels and daemons work together just fine. It's humans that think they're at odds. Using Raziel to connect to a daemon won't upset either of them. Around it are the seals for some of the most frequently contacted Spirits of the Goetia (Lesser Key of Solomon): Bune, Dantalion, Belial, Seer, Shax, Paimon, Mammon, Astaroth and Lucifer by popular demand. Simple to use...just spin the indicator dial to point to the sigil of the angel you want to connect with and away you go!

But remember, this is just a tool...YOU are the magick. It's there to help you focus, but you still need to do the internal and external mundane work to support your practice. You can buy all the best power tools in the world, but they aren't going to build a house for you. They can make it easier, faster, deeper, more intense,, etc. but at the end of the day the buck stops with you.

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