Small Palo Santo Piece

Small Palo Santo Piece
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Detailed Description

Palo Santo, "Holy Wood" in English, is from a South American tree that is part of the citrus family. It has notes of citrus, mint, and lemon and has been burned to cleanse space and promote healing for centuries.

It is used much the way a sage smudge might be used: light one end and fan it or keep it moving and it will smolder, without open flame, producing fragrant smoke.

Traditionally burned to repell insects, including mosquitoes, it has also been used when fighting off colds and flu, headache, and many other basic ailments. It has been used in modern times with those undergoing conventional cancer treatments to aid in a speedy return to good health and has been used as well for aches and pains.

Although we can make no claims as to its effectiveness, we are happy to share the common claims.

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