Seamus Tripp & the Thunderbird

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Over the dusty canyons of the Arizuma Territory, an ancient legend rises. Can Seamus Tripp and his nephew Gordon discover its secret before a band of trophy hunters? Heís Seamus Tripp, Adventurer. World-famous adventurer Seamus Tripp embarks on his most daring venture yet: deep into the Arizuma desert in search of a mythical creature so elusive and so magnificent that no one can remember ever seeing it... But when Seamus, accompanied by his earnest nephew Gordon and reluctant business partner Myron, comes upon a Civil War veteran and his band of trophy hunters looking for the same creature, the trip becomes even more dangerous. Join Seamus Tripp on a fast-paced adventure across the American Southwest in search of the Thunderbird! **** The Adventures of Seamus Tripp are a middle-grade adventure series filled with humor, action, and excitement. From an ancient monastery high in the Alps to a hidden temple deep in the Amazon, the Adventures of Seamus Tripp take readers around the Victorian world in a search for monsters, treasure, magic, and mystery. Each book is a full-length, stand-alone adventure. They can be read in any order and are the perfect length for middle-grade readers. To find out more, check out the website: In a world of Victorian exploration and discovery, the world grows smaller, secrets long hidden come to light, and dark magics rise. Can Seamus Tripp unravel the mysteries, unearth the treasures, and discover the mythical creatures? Buy the Adventures of Seamus Tripp to find out! He's Seamus Tripp. Adventurer.

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