Ritual Intensive 3: Spirits and Spells

Ritual Intensive 3: Spirits and Spells
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Join Tarama and JRob Zetelumen for this exciting ritual intensive focused on Spirits and Spellwork Sunday July 28th from 1:30pm - 5pm!

In this hallowed rite, we hold deep reverence for our cherished ancestors, honoring their wisdom and guidance. Together we will invite them to bring their potent alliance to the manifestation of our spells. United in the embrace of our ancestral kin, we walk our path, but not alone.

We all have magickal abilities by the nature of being human. Ritual allows us to increase the efficacy of our magickal potential and working in fellowship with ancestors even more so. This third ritual intensive offers an opportunity to explore the tool of ritual to work within the context of alliances with spirits. There will be post-ritual magickal theory and coaching. Participation in this ritual has been sacred and evocative for all experience levels and an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on ritual techniques.

The Magickal Growth series is for adults earnestly exploring a spiritual path of magical practice.

This intensive is being offered at no cost, but donations to support the cost of the space will be accepted.

About the Zetelumens: Tamara's background includes a decade of teaching foundational classes in the craft. Additionally, for five years she led Sagewomen, a group dedicated to delving deeply into Kabbalah, energetic healing, tarot, and more. As High Priestess of a large coven for ten years, Tamara fostered the development of group ritual techniques and the co-creation of rituals varying in size, up to 150 participants. Her passion for solitary practice found fulfillment guiding Cauldron for five years, a circle devoted to exploring and enhancing personal practice. She facilitated numerous retreats with a primary emphasis on Pagan studies, ritual experience, and fellowship. Tamara has presented at several Pagan events and bookstores including Paganicon, Sacred Harvest Festival, Twin Cities Pagan Pride, Metaphysical Emporium, and Magus Books.

JRob has provided broad leadership in the community. He is a founding board member of Paganicon, the Sacred Paths Center, and Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise. He has also served on the board for two Pagan camping festivals, and three Pagan Pride organizations. JRob founded the Minnesota chapter of the Pagan Newswire Collective and created the largest Pagan Facebook group in Minnesota. He wrote a weekly community newsletter for four years, which reached thousands of local Pagans. A dedicated and gifted healer, he advanced his skill as a shamanic practitioner, Reiki master, energetic healer, and singing bowl adept, with five years of regular gatherings. Professionally, JRob has worked with herbal medicinals and natural remedies for nearly fifteen years. JRob has presented on a variety of topics at many gatherings locally and regionally.