Ritual Intensive 2: Harvest in the Threshold

Ritual Intensive 2: Harvest in the Threshold
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Join Tarama and JRob Zetelumen for a ritual intensive focused on the Autumn Equinox!

Join in the process of magically preparing sacred space and weaving the creation of an Autumn Equinox ritual. As we stand at the threshold of balance, we embrace abundance while sowing release. This session unifies content from the Magickal Growth series, however previous attendance is not required. There will be pre-ritual magickal theory and coaching. This rite is moving for all and an opportunity to gain fresh perspective on ritual techniques.

This intensive is being offered free of charge, but donations to cover the cost of the space will be accepted.

Poised at a sacred threshold of equilibrium, ripe harvests of Autumn Equinox find harmony between sunlit skies and moonlit shadows. Together, we embrace the vibrant abundance of the harvest season and sow release of hindrances, offering them to the fertile earth for transformation. In the interconnectedness of light and dark, we find balance, liberation and embrace rich possibilities.

There is power in being a proficient ritualist, and these ritual intensives are designed to support growth for all levels of fluency. In the previous intensive, we wove together techniques found in the first three classes. Now we will step that up by working together to weave nuances of an entire ritual. In this session, we will collaboratively provide guidance for participants to enhance their proficiency and confidence in both the magical set up of the ritual space and active engagement in the ritual components, fostering an empowering experience for all attendees. There will be pre-ritual magickal theory and coaching. Participation in this ritual has been sacred and evocative for all experience levels and an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on ritual techniques.

About the persenters:

Tamara & JRob Zetelumen have been practicing the craft for a quarter century. Each has held diverse leadership positions, taught a variety of classes, and contributed to numerous organizations. Each has extensive experience with ritual creation, energetic healing, divination and spellcraft. They share a long-standing dedication to the enrichment and well-being of the Pagan community. United in a commitment to their spiritual paths, their primary focus lies in their devotion to each other.