Ritual Intensive 2: More Than Elemental

Ritual Intensive 2: More Than Elemental
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Join Tarama and JRob Zetelumen for a ritual intensive focused on connecting with Elemental Forces!

Date: 6/9/24

Time: 1:30pm-5pm

Elemental mysteries are gateways to self-discovery, connection and empowerment. This ritual serves as a sacred conduit, guiding participants to commune with elemental forces within their being, revealing connection to the elements on physical, mental and spiritual levels. This immersive experience has layers and depth that accommodate individuals of varying levels of proficiency and to revitalize perspective on the intricacies of elemental magic and ritual practice.

Following the ritual's conclusion, we will engage in post-ritual magickal theory and coaching to illuminate and inspire participants independent solitary magical practice.

The Magickal Growth series is for adults earnestly exploring a spiritual path of magical practice.

This intensive is being offered free of charge, but donations to cover the cost of the space will be accepted.

About the persenters:

Tamara & JRob Zetelumen have been practicing the craft for a quarter century. Each has held diverse leadership positions, taught a variety of classes, and contributed to numerous organizations. Each has extensive experience with ritual creation, energetic healing, divination and spellcraft. They share a long-standing dedication to the enrichment and well-being of the Pagan community. United in a commitment to their spiritual paths, their primary focus lies in their devotion to each other.