Revival of the Cathars and Templars

Revival of the Cathars and Templars
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Join Cathars 21 Inc. on Jan 13th, 2024, from 1 - 3pm as they share ancient teachings and spiritual practices from Atlantis and Hyperborea based on peace, mercy, harmony, kindness, beauty, purity, wisdom and love.

Modern Cathars believe that America will become a solar, divine civilization, and that if united under the protection of the Divine Mother, calamities and disasters can be prevented. The speakers will share a historical and spiritual perspective on Catharism and discuss topics ranging from the Goddess Divine Mother to Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templars, the Holy Grail, and Cathar spiritual practice.,/P>

Catharism of the 21st century means, first of all, inner personal change. When millions of individuals achieve a certain level of perfection, primarily kindness, the world will change for good beyond recognition!