Reflections: Words From The Soul

Reflections: Words From The Soul
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Dan Babcock's Reflections: Words from the Soul provides gentle insights to help you find the right path in your life and eventually transform your entire reality. Babcock includes fifty-five chapters containing messages on a wide variety of subjects. The book can be read all in one sitting or returned to again and again.

Babcock hopes that you will find a message that speaks directly to your heart and inspires you to change your life in small, healthy ways. These small choices can lead to major benefits and help you lead a happier, more balanced existence.

    Chapters include insight into
  • the importance of being aware of your surroundings,
  • the secrets to overcoming tragedy in your life,
  • the many ways children and grandchildren learn from your example,
  • the connection between love and fear,
  • the evolution of soul mates,
  • the differences between religion and spirituality,
  • the tricks to attracting good things in your life,
  • the need to eliminate guilt from your life, and
  • the amazing effects love can have in your life and in the world.

Each chapter can lead in an unexpected direction. Babcock hopes that the book will linger in your heart and provide you with peace, comfort, and guidance.

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