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Reasonances, an anthology of selected essays, lectures and interviews by occultural pioneer Carl Abrahamsson. A subversive, creative, psychedelic collection of 23 essays spanning thirteen years at the forefront of occulture and magic, followed an interview with the author by Sylvie Walder. The unifying question of this diverse and stimulating collection can perhaps be stated thus: how does magic hack culture Or perhaps even: what is the role and magic of the artist

Abrahamsson proposes strategies of engagement that draw from TOPY, Thelema and Satanism, with which he is intimately acquainted. His magic is that of the interzone, the hinterland, of the unseen forces that drive culture forward and is therefore a nexus of heretical possibilities investigated with a calm reflection that goes beyond his native Scandinavian cool. It is with great generosity of spirit, a candour and lack of dogma that he outlines his understanding of magic as art. For Abrahamsson, boundless creativity is a necessary expression of Will. He suggests that we should be actively producing culture, artifacts, music, artworks, happenings. And that these 'facts on the ground' could be understood as the Mega Golem, that will leak into popular and unpopular consciousness. He wants us to reason, to act, to live with meaning. To do our Will.

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