Reading Chakras with a Pendulum

Reading Chakras with a Pendulum
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Reading Chakras with a Pendulum

Date: 6/30/24

Time: 1 - 3PM

Want to learn more about how to use a pendulum?

Curious to have a visual understanding of the energies of each chakra?

Do you feel drawn to enhance your intuition?

Come learn how to use a pendulum to read the chakras.

During the workshop, we will go over the qualities of each chakra and how they affect our lives. We will also become familiar with how to use a pendulum and understand how they speak. Each chakra tells its own story and they also have relationships with each other, so we will learn how to use the movement of the pendulum to help us understand what that story is. It's very enlightening to be able to tap into the knowledge of our chakras and such a clear direct way as we will do in this workshop.

We will practice on each other and you will leave with a new skill that you can then share with friends, family or clients! Once you can tap into the power of the pendulum, your own every day intuitive skills will soar!

There will be pendulums available to use, or feel free to bring your own. Pendulums will be for sale as well.

About the instructor - Sarah Cura has been making and selling gemstone jewelry for over 30 years. She had multiple stores in Minneapolis - SaraCura - in Calhoun Square and Dinkytown. In recent years, she has been cultivating her channeling skills and has developed this clear method of reading chakras using a pendulum. She is currently living overseas but will be in MN for one month, offering workshops and individual Chakra readings which include aura clearing, energy balancing and messages from each chakra.