Queen Elphame - Magnet

Queen Elphame - Magnet
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Queen of Elphame

Art Print Magnet 2” x 3”

By Helga Hedgewalker.

The “Queen of Elphame” (“Elf-home”) is the White Goddess, the Queen of Faërie who rules over beings variously called: the Fae, the Good-neighbors, the Little-People, the elves, the land-spirits, and by countless other names.

She can change her appearance as suits her, but she will often only appear in unsettling glimpses, as she or another of her kind, peek out from the depths of foliage shadows. Perhaps, there was nothing there after all, but you leave humming the hint of a haunting tune sighing with the wind.

If you are one of the lucky chosen few to be granted an audience with Her Majesty, be aware that she will weave an deep, enchanting glamour over your encounter. Her alien beauty can be dazzling and other-worldly. It will literally take your breath away if you are not careful. She can be stern and forthright in the manner of one who has not been questioned for millennia. Yet for all that, she cares deeply for the lives of her people and the fate of the worlds that we all share.