Qabalah for Wiccans

Qabalah for Wiccans
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Explore the Tree of Life from a Pagan Point of View

You don't have to shy away from Qabalah anymore—this book makes it easy to use ceremonial magic and incorporate its symbolism into your Wiccan rituals and workings. Join Jack Chanek on an exploration of Hermetic Qabalah and learn how its concepts can be interwoven with the essential elements of Wicca.

Featuring an abundance of journal prompts, exercises, and correspondences, Qabalah for Wiccans is the ideal resource for understanding Qabalah as a Pagan practitioner. You'll uncover Qabalistic connections to Wiccan theology, ascend the Tree of Life through meditation and ritual, and explore the Tree's ten Sephiroth using the four elements, tarot, and more. Revealing many similarities between the two practices, this remarkable book shows you how Qabalah works and why it matters to your Wiccan path.

Includes a foreword by Deborah Lipp, author of Magical Power for Beginners

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