Prosperity Altar Plate

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Detailed Description

"This altar plate is a beast.

No more looking through a mountain of books to find angels and daemons to help your finances. No more complicated rituals. This board has approximately 90 spirits, their names, their sigils, and an intention aligned with their area of expertise already hardcoded into it. Choose the spirits you want to work with individually or just call to them all and trust that they'll all be working for your benefit. Simply place a written intention in the middle, put a candle on it, follow the instructions included with the board and BAM! You're in business.

This is easy setitandforgetit magick. The work and research has already been done for you.

The nice thing about having a separate altar space for prosperity and material gain is that you can dedicate your other altar space for personal development, alchemy, and pursuit of the Great Work. One can focus on physical wealth, the other on spiritual wealth, and they can both have workings going at the same time without getting any wires crossed.

If you're an entrepreneur, an artist, an independent contractor, if you're pursuing a dream job, or want to ensure a life of relative comfort and abundance this is a great addition to your tools.

But remember, this is just a tool...YOU are the magick. It's there to help you focus, but you still need to do the internal and external mundane work to support your practice. You can buy all the best power tools in the world, but they aren't going to build a house for you. They can make it easier, faster, deeper, more intense,, etc. but at the end of the day the buck stops with you.

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