Phurba Ritual Tool - Brass and Copper

Phurba Ritual Tool - Brass and Copper
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This sturdy brass and copper Phurba has an antique finish and fits comfortable in one's hand.

Use the phurba to clear a space of its negative energies and consecrate it. Begin by mediating and chanting a prayer of protection. Next, invite the negative energy to enter the phurba. Then stab the phurba into the ground or into a bowl of rice, and imagine that the negative energies are caught beneath the blade and are transformed into positive forces.

The phurba is a triple side Tibetan ritual tool. Each side represents one of the spirit world. The three blades of the phurba symbolizes the overcoming or cutting through of the three root poisons: ignorance, desire, and hatred. The three faces are expressions of the three basic emotions; joy, disgust and equanimity (neutrality) and the hat is the way the conscience escapes to reach the spiritual world. It can be used to clear a space of its negative energy and consecrate it.

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