Palmistry Class Intensive

Palmistry Class Intensive
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Detailed Description

Date: 2/12/23

Time: Noon - 430pm.

Cost: $100

Class description:

Palmistry is the most ancient of the divination arts. Practiced by Pythagoras, Aristotle and Julius Caesar to name a few. It was considered ancient when these gentlemen practiced it.

In this class you will learn the meanings of / and geography of the hand. You will also be able to identify the lines on your hands and how their transit affects your personality. Learn about the Mounts and how they affect your personality, the fingers, fingerprint patterns, color of the skin all these have a different effect on your personality, thus giving you the ability to do identify your inner strengths and weaknesses.

This is an interactive class where you’ll be creating a life print of your own hand as you learn how to read your own hands.

This a four hour class with two 15 minute breaks and a half an hour for lunch it will include a PowerPoint presentation and a couple of handouts.