Mindless Behaviors - Author Event

Mindless Behaviors - Author Event
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Join us February 2nd, 2023, for a Facebook LIVE Interview with Beatrice Adenodi, a first-generation Nigerian-American immigrant, business consultant, and author of 'Mindless Behaviors,' a book about confronting the hidden impulses that drive our reactions.

Then come to the store on February 25th, 2023 at 2pm for a FREE Interactive workshop and book reading!

Our topic for the event is “Why we can’t commit”. In an engaging experience, Beatrice will show you how to lean into the conversation talking about love and relationships, and examine how we neglect ourselves and friends, family, or passions in our lives due to non-commitment.

"Life is made up of experiences and connections. In a world increasingly subjected to echo chambers, inconsistent news, intolerance, and injustices, we`ve realized that meaningful change will never happen in our environment until it happens in our communal spaces. Let’s talk!" ~ Beatrice

Learn more about Beatrice at: www.mindless-behaviors.com / or visit her on Instagram @beebeeworld01