Maconha Brava - Zornia latifolia 14g

Maconha Brava - Zornia latifolia  14g
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Zornia lateriflora is currently gaining attention among ethno botanical collectors after hiding in the jungles of South America (especially Brazil) and Mexico where it was traditionally used as a sedative, a relaxant and a sleep-inducer. There are some indications that Zornia l. may even work well with dreaming due to its hypnotic qualities. Natively, this perennial herb is known as maconha brava or barba de burro, and it is believed to have been used by Ancient Gods in that region. In fact, the herb appears in Albert Hoffman and Richard Evan Schultes’ legendary book, Plants of the Gods. Zornia’s recent attention seems largely due to the fact that it is an ingredient in some of the more popular herbal incense blends. Like baybean, it is considered a good and versatile mixing herb. We are proud to be one of the few privileged vendors offering this natural rarity.

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