Lungwort-Cut and Sifted Herb-Organic 1 ounce

Lungwort-Cut and Sifted Herb-Organic 1 ounce
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Detailed Description

A member of the borage family, Pulmonaria officinalis is largely cultivated, although it is sometimes found in wooded habitats throughout the eastern United States and western Europe. Lungwort is an herbaceous perennial with distinctive, white-spotted leaves and small bunches of pink flowers. The herb has been used for its beneficial qualities in traditional European healing practices since the Middle Ages. Lungwort is generally infused for topical applications.

Lungwort is one of the first plants to flower in the early spring in its native habitats. Sometimes referred to as the "Herb of Mary", it was used as part of a formula to help reveal if someone was a witch or not, and also conversely it was worn as a protection against the evil eye.

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