Isis Unveiled

Isis Unveiled
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Isis Unveiled created a sensation when it was first published in 1877. The first major work by the young Russian noblewoman who founded The Theosophical Society, its 1200 pages explored "the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology". This new abridgment by Theosophical scholar Michael Gomes breathes fresh life into this classic of Western esoteric thinking. With its central themes highlighted and its style modernized for today's readers, Isis Unveiled is revealed as a fascinating exploration of the universal truths of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition by one of the most remarkable women of modern times.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born on August 12, 1831, at Dnepropetrovsk (Ekaterinoslav), Ukraine, daughter of Colonel Peter Alexeyevich von Hahn and novelist Helena Andreyevna (née de Fadeyev). In 1849 she married N. V. Blavatsky, and shortly thereafter began more than 20 years of extensive travel, which brought her into contact with mystic traditions the world over. She was the principal founder of the Theosophical Society in New York City in 1875, and devoted her extraordinary literary talents to its humanitarian and educational purposes until her death in London, England, on May 8, 1891. Along with writing her several books, H. P. Blavatsky kept up a voluminous correspondence and also contributed a steady stream of essays and articles to periodicals in English, French, and Russian.

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