Irish Pagan Belief and Practice: Replanting our Roots

Irish Pagan Belief and Practice: Replanting our Roots
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Join Minnesota writer John Michael McLoughlin, author of The Irish Pagan Book of Rites, in exploring Irish Paganism and practices!

In this two hour class, McLoughlin will provide an overview of Irish Paganism, the sources for reconstructing this ancient belief system, and how it can serve as a remedy for the loss of meaning and connection many feel in today's society. McLoughlin will then demonstrate an Irish Pagan ritual and guide attendees through its meaning as laid out in his latest work, The Irish Pagan Book of Rites.

Irish Pagan Belief and Practice: Replanting our Roots in a Rootless World

Date: Saturday May 11 th , 2024 1pm 3pm

About Instructor: John Michael McLoughlin is an Irish-American writer and author of Pagan Portals: The Irish Pagan Book of Rites, as well as several magazine articles, most prominently featured in Witches & Pagans magazine.

Nourished and fascinated by the stories of his Irish and Scandinavian family since childhood, he is an avid researcher and devotee of traditional Irish, Norse, and Judaic spirituality and lore. McLoughlin is also an ardent language lover, having studied Irish (Gaeilge), Hebrew, German, and French since adolescence, adding Latin and Classical Greek to the mix while at university. He embraces the adage that "the best way to learn is to teach", and has taught Hebrew, Irish, and Latin from second grade up to adult levels.

McLoughlin lives on the shores of Lake Superior, where he spends his non-writing time on a good cup of coffee, playing music, or going for a hike through the beautiful north Minnesota woods.

What to expect:

What is Irish Paganism?

Who can practice Irish Paganism?

Addressing the controversy: "closed practice" vs folkism vs universalism; reasons for each approach, gray areas in between, why a respectful universalism is the most rational approach independent of background or political view.

Why Irish Paganism?

Why practice Irish Paganism today?

Answering common objections:

The Irish Pagan worldview