Incense Charcoal Briquettes 33 mm Swift Lite

Incense Charcoal Briquettes 33 mm Swift Lite
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A great incense charcoal, just hold to a flame (candle light is great for this), and watch the sparks move across the charcoal---put it down before the sparks get to your fingers! A censer or other heat proof dish full of sand is great for holding the lit charcoal. All set! Great! Put a pinch of a real resin, like Frankincense, Copal, or Benzoin, on the charcoal and let the perfume of the ancients fill the room. Too much smoke? Use a pair of incense tongs to move the resin off of the coal. This smaller charcoal tablet is great for an hour or two and comes 10 to the pack.

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