Green Man w/ Flowers - Magnet

Green Man w/ Flowers - Magnet
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Detailed Description

Art Print Magnet 3” x 2”

The dying-and-reborn Green God appears in many ancient cultures: the spirit of green life that perpetually renews itself in spring, through summer, into autumn, as depicted here. Thought the Green Gods have been known since antiquity, the foliate face of the ‘Green Man’ is more specifically European; especially popular in medieval churches during the 13th - 14th centuries.

About the artist:

Paul B. Rucker has been making art from personal visions of the spirit world from a very early age, seeking in visual language to render metaphors, and ecstasies. Theatre, myth and ritual influence this search.

He paints in acrylic and other water-based media, as well as pen, pencil, and mixed media assemblages, combining various materials with hand-painted bones. Rucker also performs face and body painting on subjects photographed in selected environments; the resulting images are further elaborated with digital painting techniques.

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