Gateway to the Gods; An Entheogen Experience - Feb

Gateway to the Gods; An Entheogen Experience - Feb
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Detailed Description

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Curious about entheogenic herbs, you know, the kind that 'open your eyes' and help you 'See God'? Wondering how to get started, who to talk to, how much to take, or what you can expect on your 'journey'?

Join Liz Johnson, our resident herbalist on a monthly exploration of all our entheogenic herbs. In this class you will be given a sample of an herb to try during the session, receive expert advice on dosing, preparation, and share experiences.

DISCLAIMER: Everyone's body chemistry is different, therefore, attendees will be given a low dose to determine how the herb will affect them. This is a supervised introduction to the entheogen experience NOT a full 'trip'.

Sunday February 5th, 2023, 12:00 - 2:00*

*This class can be in person or virtual, but it is required that you stay in the location you choose until the full effect of the herb wears off. If you come in person, you will have supervision. If you choose remote, you will be asked to find someone who can be available to support your journey from home.

If you choose the virtual option, you will need to come to the store to pick up the herb(s) prior to class.


Possible herbs (based on availability):

Blue Lotus



Red Lily

Elephant's head


Pink Lily


Pre-Registration Required! You must sign up for this class at least 24 hours in advance!

PS. If you have questions about these classes, check out this video:

In the video the instructor talks about what to expect, what an entheogen is, attitudes around mind-altering herbs, and contraindications. Enjoy!

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