Full Moon Box

Full Moon Box
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Detailed Description

Ready to dance with the Moon?

Our Full Moon Box is for witches who are serious about manifesting.

Find everything you need for a powerful transformation: a botanically-infused Invocation Candle, a Ritual Soap Bar, a sensuous Bath Potion, a vial of Anointing Oil, and a clarifying Quartz Crystal Point.

We’ve carefully selected essential oils, dried botanicals, and crystals for magickal correspondence, and we’ve charged each handcrafted item with abundance.

A ritual kit made by (and for) strong witches.

Full Moon Candle
Hand-poured and blended with sensuous Musk and Jasmine essential oils to get you in a self-loving mood, while velvety Rose botanicals slowly relax your muscles. Scattered with nuggets of Amethyst and Moonstone to banish fear and anxiety.

Full Moon Soap
Handcrafted real soap with no yucky chemicals. Blended with deeply moisturizing Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil for a luscious feel. Scented with lightly floral Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, and Petitgrain essential oils to deepen your connection to the divine.

Moon Anointing Oil
Alchemized with skin-loving essential oils and energy-charged Moonstones. Jasmine petals are blended in to deepen your connection with the sacred divine.

Manifest Bath Potion
Infused with soul-stirring essential oils and powerful dried botanicals. Soak in this gorgeous salt blend to unveil your inner witch and manifest deep desires.

Clear Quartz Crystal
Enhances the energy flow of its surroundings. Quartz is great for personal and spiritual growth and manifestation.