Dragon's Blood #4, Egyptian Magic

Dragon's Blood #4, Egyptian Magic
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The fourth issue (second edition) of "Dragon's Blood" magazine prepared by Lodge Magan, the Polish lodge of the magical order of Dragon Rouge. The magazine was originally issued for chosen meetings of Lodge Magan with the goal to provide members participating in the meetings with essential information about aspects of dark magic that are worked with, and presentation of related rituals and practices. Dragon Rouge is an international order rooted in Sweden which studies magic, occultism and Gothicism in theory and practice. The order is anchored in the Draconian tradition and the Left Hand Path and are exponents of an empirical occultism. The magical system of Dragon Rouge is based on traditions such as the Gothic Qabalah, Odinic Runology, Tantrism and Alchemy and members also study traditional witchcraft, astral projection and lucid dreaming. The goal of Dragon Rouge is to explore and integrate the Shadow in man's soul. By exploring and not denying the shadow it can be transformed from a destructive principle to a creative principle. This issue is 54 pages, printed in black and white with a gorgeous high gloss cover.