Daughter of the Creative Voice - Blank Greeting Card

Daughter of the Creative Voice - Blank Greeting Card
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Detailed Description

Art Print Card 5.25” x 7.25”

Acrylic on Canvas reproduction.

A messenger of Divine Passion, of the world-making Lust of God, my Daughter’s angelic condition partakes of all sexualities and yet transcends them. From the Empyrean s/he descends to Earth to renew the Call of God’s Desire.

About the artist:

Paul B. Rucker has been making art from personal visions of the spirit world from a very early age, seeking in visual language to render metaphors, and ecstasies. Theatre, myth and ritual influence this search.

He paints in acrylic and other water-based media, as well as pen, pencil, and mixed media assemblages, combining various materials with hand-painted bones. Rucker also performs face and body painting on subjects photographed in selected environments; the resulting images are further elaborated with digital painting techniques.

Read more visit: https://paulruckerart.com/about-me/