Crossed Keys - Softcover - Rouge Edition

Crossed Keys - Softcover - Rouge Edition
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Crossed Keys is a chimeric binding of both the Black Dragon and the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III in a fresh translation by grimoire magician Michael Cecchetelli. They are complementary grimoires, spanning the very earliest example of the genre to the late bibliothèque bleue period. Together they comprise a wealth of spells, spirits, lore, talismans and psalm magic, with their head in the highest heavens and their feet in the deepest hells. This is the first time they have been bound into one volume.
    Extensively footnoted, the seals corrected, re-drawn and restored, with excerpts and workings from the translator’s magical record, this is a well armed and practical text which throws light on theGrimorium Verum, Red Dragon and Grand Grimoire. It is a vigorous text, designed to be put to use.
    The Black Dragon draws heavily on the 1760 (1810) Grimoire of Honorius, which is significantly different to the 1670 edition and the earlier 13th century Sworn Book of Honorius (Liber Juratus) which is an ancestor in title alone. The spirits referenced are therefore those we find in the Grimorium Verumand the seals have been corrected in line with the research of Jake Stratton-Kent, as presented in The True Grimoire (Scarlet Imprint, 2009). The original seals are reproduced for comparison.

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