Chaos Magic 101.1: Servitors and Self-Transformation

Chaos Magic 101.1: Servitors and Self-Transformation
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Detailed Description

Date: Please note the date has been changed from 4/20/24 to 5/25/24

Time: 1-3pm

In this class we will dive further into meditation techniques and advance that discussion to self-transformation, or how and why chaos magicians change things about themselves.

The main focus of this class will be servitors, a kind of magical AI similar but different from a sigil. A servitor is given a specific task (like protection) to do on an ongoing basis. As practice, we will make a servitor together for a shared purpose in order to equip you to make servitors after we meet.

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE is needed. You can get on the chaos train NOW. If you missed the first class in March, there will be a brief recap as well as guidance on where to learn more.

BIO: D-Lux, the course instructor, is an initiate of two Chaos Magic orders, and has worked with Chaos Magic for many years. This is an improved and expanded version of the class he taught at the 2023 Babalon Rising festival.

SUGGESTED READING (not required): Liber Null and Psychonaut by Peter Carroll