Be BlessÚd

Be BlessÚd
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Books of daily devotions for traditional religions are plentiful, but few such books exist for Wiccan and Paganism. That's why Be Blessed is so unique and valuable. It helps Pagans and Wiccan access diety in their everyday lives and provides practitioners of magick simple ways to improve their abilities. With her lovely tone, author Denise Dumars also recounts humorous stories of her own mistakes and what she's learned from them. Use the affirmations in the book when you get up or before you go to bed, as you travel to and from work, in the office, at home, on vacation - whenever you need help or guidance. Be Blessed is not a calendar book - most of the devotions and other workings here can be done on any day of the year. Be Blessed is for Pagans of all stripes: Wiccans, Isians, Odinists, Stregas, Druids, or members of Vodou, Santeria, and related faiths. Both beginners and old hands in the Craft who need strength and comfort will benefit from this practical guidebook.

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