Bastet Plush - Small

Bastet Plush - Small
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Small Black Egyptian Bastet stuffed/plush.

6 1/4" tall.

Also known as Bast, she has worshiped for over 5,000 years. Bastet is an Egyptian goddess of warfare and protection. Sister to Sekhmet, they both are represented by feline figures, often in the form of lions or cats. Originally a protector of the Lower Nile, the Greeks attributed her to the Moon. Bastet's name was associated with the ornate jars in which ointments and perfumes were stored. Thus, she was given the title of The Perfumed Protector. Connected with Anubis, the god of embalming, she came to be seen as his wife. In this underworldly relationship, she protects against contagious diseases and evil spirits. In modern times, Bastet is seen as a Goddess of magick, blessings, joy, dance, growth, and fertility. Calling upon Bast can bring a humor and playfulness into one's home. Work with her and her iconography to overcome obstacles, deter disease, and increase joy and pleasure

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