As the Last Leaf Falls

As the Last Leaf Falls
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Move Beyond the Fear of Death and Integrate Its Powerful Energy

As the Last Leaf Falls is a guide to death and the mysterious world beyond. The rituals, meditations, and exercises are designed to bring you on a journey of discovery through the most profound of all human transitions. Filled with insight and practical guidance, this book shows you how to honor family and friends in spirit and discover the life-affirming aspects of every state of existence.

Join renowned Druid priest Kristoffer Hughes as he explores the three Celtic realms of existence—the realm of necessity, the realm of spirit, and the realm of infinity—and illuminates the reality of spiritual continuation. Challenging many status quo beliefs about the afterlife, this illuminating volume supports the important work of confronting death and absorbing its meaning into the core of your spirit.

(This book was previously published as The Journey Into Spirit.)

"Never has the delicate balance of life and death been so beautifully expressed. Kristoffer Hughes speaks clearly and powerfully about experiences that we all will go through, demonstrating how spiritual, emotional, and physical truths combine to allow us to move forward."
—Cat Treadwell, Druid priest and author of Facing the Darkness

"[As the Last Leaf Falls] reads surprisingly fast and easy for such a deep subject and—in fine Druid fashion—it can be accessed on multiple levels. … There are rituals to support the dying, rituals for funerals, and rituals to honor the dead. And there are exercises and practical suggestions to help the reader prepare for the inevitable reality of death. … If we have any interest at all in what comes after death, they are ideas worthy of our consideration."
—John Beckett, author of Paganism In Depth

"What a gift this book is. From the lyrical quality of Kristoffer Hughes' writing, not often present in nonfiction, to the sensitive and thoughtful wisdom he imparts, [As the Last Leaf Falls] gives the reader a compassionate space to rethink beliefs about death."
—Susan Starr for Spiral Nature Magazine

"An insightful, uplifting yet thought-provoking account of the complex nature of living a life in service to the dead."
—Carla Valentine, Technical Curator, Barts Pathology Museum, London

"Hughes encourages the reader to explore the mystery of death for themselves; illustrating that we can become our own wise and trusted guides, and in doing so, find an authentic understanding of death's greater mysteries, one that has meaning and relevance for us personally."
—Jana for

"This book's strength lies in the inner journey it takes us on. By reflecting on death and our beliefs about what happens to us after we die, Hughes guides us to shine a light on ways to better live. … Anyone who deals with death and its consequences—which means all of us—should read this eloquent and sensitive book."
—Nikki Starcat Shields for

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