Alien Energy - UFOs, Ritual Landscapes & The Human Mind

Alien Energy -  UFOs, Ritual Landscapes & The Human Mind
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For the past 55 years UFOs have been interpreted as alien hardware piloted by extraterrestrial beings. But what if this solution is wrong? What if there are other, more subtle answers to this curious enigma? In this ground breaking work Andrew Collins, author of Gateway to Atlantis, From the Ashes of Angels, and other bestselling books explores a fascinating alternate theory about alien intervention. Collin’s theory provides an entirely new perspective on the reality of abduction experiences—seeing them as multi-dimensional encounters with conscious energy forms of light. ALIEN ENERGY puts forth the idea that unknown aerial phenomena and other sustained lightforms are the outer manifestations of a more primary energy. This force was scientifically isolated in the 1930s by Austrian-born biophysicist and psychologist Wilhelm Reich. In 1993 and 1994 the author put this idea to the test in the Orgone Research Project. Today, quantum physicists recognize this energy as the multi-dimensional superforce or the unified field. These atmospheric and ground-based energy forms appear to possess an independent consciousness and intelligence interacting with the human mind through archetypal intervention and symbols. The ground-based energy forms described in ALIEN ENERGY are connected to ceremonial landscapes, especially to crop circle manifestations near Avebury and Silbury Hill. The implications of this work are profound and suggest the existence of otherworldly life-forms that are truly alien in every sense of the word.