Abramelin Oil - 1/4 fluid ounce

Abramelin Oil - 1/4 fluid ounce
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Found in the medieval grimoires The Book of Abramelin and made popular by MacGregor S. Mathers in his translation The Book of Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, the recipe for this oil dates back at least 700 years. The book of Exodus contains a very similar recipe to that of Abramelin and very well could have been an inspiration for the recipe written in the 1300s. Blended in Olive Oil, this formula consists of cinnamon, calamus, cassia, and myrrh. True to form it smells spicy and earthy and is perfect for a number of magical and ritual uses.

Associated with prosperity and success, Abramelin oil is also used in sacred space to connect with the divine. It aids in the search for wisdom and knowledge of our own “holy guardian angel” and our connection to them. I highly suggest looking into the Abramelin ritual and the HGA if only to deepen your knowledge of western magic. Pick up a copy of The Book of Abramelin from your local and independent bookstore and explore the roots of modern occultism.

It is rather strong so we recommend just using a pea-size amount to concrete tools or oneself (always do a skin test before proceeding with larger amounts – cassia and cinnamon oil are strong and can burn the skin).

Scent Profile: strong earth and dirt notes with spice and raw cinnamon

Ingredients: Olive Oil†, Cassia*†, Cinnamon Leaf*†, Myrrh*, Calamus*, Vitamin E Oil * Essential Oil †Organic

No parabens. No Fillers or Preservatives. Gluten-Free. Cruelty-free. 100% vegan. 1/4 fl. oz. (7.4 g)