“...success depends largely upon how much work and inconvenience we can tolerate to realize our dreams.”

~ Magus Founder Roger Williamson

Founded in 1992 by Roger Williamson, Magus Books & Herbs is your one-stop shop for magical, spiritual, and herbal supplies! Whether you are curious about the spirit world, a seasoned ceremonial practitioner, or somewhere in between, we have the supplies you need to be successful in your spiritual journey.

The back story:

The Sun at Night

It's a little known fact that Magus Books owes its existence to a book Roger wrote and published shortly after his move from the United Kingdom to Minneapolis in the mid 1980’s: The Sun at Night. At that time, there were very few options for reviews and advertising within the genre. So he took it upon himself to catalog his own library and published the list as a mail order catalog. It wasn’t long before a major distributor of metaphysical books picked up the Sun at Night, which expanded Roger’s options for sales. As orders increased from his catalog, Roger decided it was time to expand into retail space.


The intersection of SE 4th Street and 14th Avenue SE is the heart of the district known as Dinkytown in Minneapolis. This area reminded Roger of certain bohemian areas of West London which he felt would be a conducive environment for his niche material. It was midsummer of 1992 when driving through Dinkytown one afternoon he saw a sign “retail space for rent”.

Magus Books

After calling the phone number, Roger committed himself to signing a year-long lease for a 500 square foot space on the ground floor of Dinkydale. Many ‘old-timers’ to the shop still remember, and remark upon, is the dark wood paneling, which helped to create a lasting impression of the ambiance of this first location. The shop went on to have two other locations in Dinkytown as it expanded over the years. Now it exists on Central Ave. in Minneapolis, with its new owners Mela Amara and Liz Johnson.

“I have to say from the very beginning I was very fortunate with the people who worked for me, each bringing and adding their diverse expertise to Magus making it what it is today. It means a lot to me that Liz and Mela, who were very instrumental in the store's success because of their expertise, were able to purchase Magus when I decided to retire.”

~ Roger Williamson


A little about Mela Amara:

Mela Amara is currently a silent partner at Magus Books and off on new adventures that we hope will bring fulfillment and happiness.

A little about Liz Johnson:

Liz Johnson has worked with Roger and Mela since the 1990’s and still loves helping people find ways to authentically express their spirituality and explore all of the amazing spiritual and religious practices available today! From two shifts a week managing the herbs, oils, and healing supplies to becoming co-owner, she is still thrilled to be part of the wonder that is Magus Books.

Final Thoughts:

We are proud to continue the tradition of knowledgeable customer service and practical advice in the realms of alternative spirituality. Our mission is to shine a light and offer a myriad of ways to expand your horizons. No matter the spiritual path you walk, we have resources for you. You will find books, classes, events, herbs, stones, incense, statues, and more. We are also happy to place special orders with any of our wonderful suppliers. Come visit Liz & Mela and all the staff at our shop, give us a call, or drop us a line via email! Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages @magusbooks, search us on Google, subscribe to our TikTok @minneapolismagus, and follow our other social media offerings.

May your head, heart, and path be always in harmony.